I never posted one of these, but I deserve to do so...don't I?

Anyway, I joined a few days ago. I am still new but am working my way up on the totem poll...

Me, myself and I:
I am a previous Verizon Wireless employee. I worked for them an excess of 8 years! I worked in customer service eventually becoming a supervisor level 3. I also designed some parts of their website for several years.

Recently, I decided to transfer from Verizon Wireless to a Testing and Development center here in California. We are pretty much the overall helper of every wireless carrier that operates any kind of network on the west coast. We help all the national carriers along with the regional carriers available on the west coast. We help enhance/develop devices. We work closely with the wireless carriers and manufacturers. We are also the emergency technicians sometimes referred to as the "seasonal techies". We help improve the carriers network during times when it is needed. We monitor areas. If something go wrong and the carrier has a lot of techs out already places, we step in. We were the first responders to the California wild fires. We only helped two carriers during that time though: Verizon and Metro PCS (a regional carrier).

When I'm here, I am usually a nice, friendly person anyone can get along with. I am a very specific and detailed person. View some of my threads to know what I mean. Also, notice most of my posts are color coded (or all one specific bright color). I also bold any important words that can quickly help you grasp the idea of the thread without the need to read all of it.

In the future, I would like to be a moderator on this website. I have been a moderator on a few other websites...some websites (non cell phone related) I still moderate...not as much since they seem to have died with members . I am here, PM me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. about cell phones or about me.

This leads to the question I want to ask you:
If I was a moderator, based on the posts you see (or will see) do you think it would be a good job? How do you think I would do? What are your thoughts. Why or why not should I be a moderator on Cell Phone Forums?

Thank you!

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