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    Hey guys.
    Just thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself.
    I found this forum via my beloved Google, when looking for some help with my LG enV. Had a look around and decided to stick around.

    Just a taste about me:
    I'm a Legal Assistant (same job as a Paralegal, but I don't have a degree) and IT professional as well as a mom. I'm an admitted abuser of smilies and an amateur photographer. I like chatting with people in general and I'm usually pretty nice. :]

    See More: Newbie here

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    Re: Newbie here

    Well I'm glad you've decided to stick around for a while.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.

    I suggest visiting the New Member Start-Up Thread. It may answer any questions you may have.

    Send Nick a PM

    I hope you found this post helpful. Choose Like/Thanks, if you did

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