Boost Mobile over 50% of the time will not connect outgoing calls, so I wonder if incoming calls are the same. Too bad, or maybe not, I don't get a lot of incoming calls or it just may be that they can not get through. Just transferred from Virgin Mobile because the fee is much cheaper. I paid $89 a month for Virgin and Boost is $50 a month. Is it worth it? Not for me. Virgin service, in my opinion, is much better. I don't think that I can even get through to customer service with Boost. I have a i335 phone from Boost and I am very, very frustrated with Boost Mobile and I only had it for about three weeks now. Go and buy a Virgin phone for $10.00, and get an unlimited plan for $79.00 a month with unlimited texting (for $10.00 more) = $89.00 a month. I had Virgin for six months with no problems except it is $39 exact a month. These are my comments, you choose.

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