Currently I drop off my prepaid phone and I buy a smartphone on eBay from China. The touch scree phone model is A3000. Here is the phone description:Item specifics - Cell Phones & Smartphones. IT'S UNLOCK (THE PHONE IS UNLOCK).
Carrier: AT&T, Cingular Cellular Band: --
Contract: -- Camera: 1-2 Megapixels
Brand: -- Features: Bluetooth Enabled, Calendar, Color Screen, Email Access, Internet Browser, Java Enabled, Mobile TV Capable, MP3 Player, Radio, SMS-Text Messaging, Speakerphone, Touch Screen, USB Interface, Video Recording, Wi-Fi Capable
Model: A3000 Condition: New, Never Opened

To activate the phone, I did and went around friends and forum to get helps and know what I should do? Finally, to get it work, the answer is to have a Data service plan and Messaging service plan (MSM). So what I do? Now I buy these services with AT&T.

What's my problem? I don't know how to setup Internet WIFI hotspot connection. I tried to set WAP, GSM, GPRS but the connection is not working. I don't know how to setup the connection or change the original setting from the manufacturer? hOWEVER, THE SMS IS WORKING. Only Internet connection for the Data services is not working.

I went to see AT&T store location where I buy the services, he called AT&T service CARE, they told me to check myself with the phone model and device and also manufaturer. So it's more a week I cannot use the phone, but I already pay the "Pay As you use" Data service. Do anybody has the same problem and can help me? I appreciate rour helps.

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