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    I got this brand new LG KS360 phone for Christmas ,it was purchased on line somewhere.everything works great with the exception of the signal strength. It goes from full
    bars to no bars almost constantly. It goes to emergency only on the display when there are no bars. I place it on my desk next to two other phones on the same network and the other phones stay steady on 5 bars while the ks360 constantly fluctuates. LG service tells me it is a foreign phone that they do not service. It is a tryband
    phone so it should work worldwide ,so that is not the problem. The sim works just fine in other phones I have tried it in. Both my service provider and LG tell me the antenna is the problem , but they have no idea how it can be fixed in the USA. Does anyone know how to repair this in the USA ?

    See More: LGKS360 internal antenna problem
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