I'm a Texas Liquidator, we buy and sell claims or losses from freight, insurance, auctions, etc.

We buy all sorts of assets or inventories, from medical equipment to oilfield, to IT, etc.

I found the board searching for cellular answers.

One of the primary reasons is my lack of knowledge of this industry. Although I have been an end user since the walkie talkie cellular phones in the early 80's I have never got to learn the industry.

We have from time to time run across smaller deals of cellular phones, and put them on ebay or called a few local or national dealers in equipment to move these smaller buys.

My main interest for the moment is to find resources for the larger buys, in the millions of dollars, as we have just recently been negotiating a large buy and will be selling them. Better one source than to piecemail, even though piece by piece may be more profitable, unless on is in that specific industry, we feel it better to move them in volume.

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