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    Hi ppl... I am Dr Tomy.... i presently have a SE k750i was like waiting till it went kaput before i got myself a new cell... but alas the fates are against me.... it is still as fine as ever... i was like searching for a forum to ask opinions abt buyin a new cell and i stumbled into this site... it seems nice.... i would really appreciate it if you guys could suggest a cell tht i could buy in the range of less than 20k preferably one with a touch screen and a slider qwerty keyboard... My primary needs are a decent cam with auto focus and flash and atleast 3.2 MP and a mp3 player that will play wma as well and a decent video player... i know it is quite a tall order but i would really really appreciate it if u guys could help me out...

    Thank you guys.... Dr Tomy.

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    Re: Hi everyone...

    Hi Dr Tomy

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