I own a Nokia 3220 which is the phone that has all the fun and loud ringtones and the lights. Every tutorial of these phones have shown all the ringtones, wallpapers, clip art and graphics so you personalize it for you. I just purchased another one over e-bay so I would always have a back up. When it got delivered and I installed my sims card to set the phone up for me (just for later) the stupid phone only has 1 ringtone, the nokia tune, it has no graphics, no clip art no wallpapers. When I contacted the e-bay seller he told me it depended on where the phone came from (they are both cingular phones). I'm not sure I believe what he is telling me. I thought that was what this phone was known for all these (to me) cool features. Does anyone out there know if this is a line or is this true? My provider is AT&T and then he contacted me and told me AT&T could transfer the data for me. Not sure if this is true either. Does anyone know this? If I have to spend money on the phone to have it be like it should have started off being then I think I probably should return it to the seller. Could someone let me know something on this subject so I'll know what to do about my latest purchase. Thanks

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