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    Hello, I am a great lover of smartphones and I am in a quandary. That is why I am here.I have a Blackberry 8320 Curve. It works fine. It's a good cellphone, a great e-mail instrument, I can take pictures with it, and video and send them practically anywhere. It has very good battery life, I can get to the battery and pull it or replace it for very little money.

    I am really on Cincinnati Bell as a carrier not on ATT like the sign says (there was no sign for CinBell).

    Unfortunately, there are things I do not love about the 'berry:
    -It works on Edge technology making it slow as it can be surfing the 'net
    -I can play some videos but you have to put most through a secret decoder which takes a long time to decode them. I just avoid that and use my iTouch instead.
    -Loading my music in and playing it is awful. Sometimes songs come in and play just fine, sometimes they don't. I hate Roxio and I also hate having to relearn everything just to get my music into the 'berry. It's a pain. I use my iTouch for music.
    -Playing games? Phffft. Awful. Imagine trying to play Myst on a Blackberry. That would be torture.
    -Using the internet? When I finally get on it it is frustratingly slow. Chug chug...getting the site. Chug chug...loading the stylesheets...chug chug *stop*.
    -The browser is dreadful. Yes, I tried Opera...not much better.

    Blackberry does some things beautifully, some things are a mess.

    I have been tempted by iPhone. I would have to change carriers, a thought which fills me with horror. I have a business and I don't want to get soaked by those who want to charge me a lot to have a business. AT&T is pretty much it for the iPhone in my city.

    I could run iPhone on Cincinnati Bell BUT there are a lot of caveats:it has to be unlocked, it should run on the same frequency as CinBell's which is only T Mobile type unlocked phones (mmmm...that might be hard to come by and if you can it might be EXPENSIVE).

    There are new smartphones coming out. I would love to get a 4G phone which does everything well, and FAST. I would love to give my Blackberry to a poor man, my iTouch to the Little Sisters of the Poor and mince about with my fabulous one and only smartphone sending and receiving messages at the speed of light, wasting my time by listening to music and playing games, and practically running my business from my smartphone any time and any place without being charged out the wazoo.

    This is probably sounding suspiciously like what you want too BUT I am asking for your advice. How do you think I should go about attaining this state of perfect enlightenment? Thank you for your thoughts.

    P.S.I found this forum through Google. I googled "cell phone forum" and this place magically appeared.

    See More: Run My Life!
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    Re: Run My Life!

    Hum, is there any chance of switching carriers? It sounds like what you want is not available on your current carrier. The alternative, like you mentioned is to get an unlocked phone.

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    Re: Run My Life!

    you can by the unlock code on, good luck!

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