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    Hi, I wanted to buy an LG Banter/Rumor 2 online from ebay. The listing says it has a bad ESN, but it can be flashed to another network. Would you know if it can be flashed to another network? The Serial Number is 909CYLH0083184, MEID DEC is 268435458416173438, MEID HEX is A0000018F6C97E. I called US Cellular to check the ESN number, and they do not have it in their system. Is there any way I can get an ESN from them for the Rumor 2? Or do I have to reprogram the phone somehow? I am completely new to all of this. Please help me out- What can I do in this situation? Thanx. *So Starstruckk*

    PS: I know I accidentally put this in the wrong section.

    See More: LG Banter/Rumor2 Virgin Mobile to US Cellular
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