Hi all,

Blonde from Alabama, a lady whom LOVES her football team, reigning national champions, the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE !!!

Football established ...

Just bought 1st Smartphone. Switched from T-Mobile to Verizon. Started off w/ Droid 2, but after 2 crappy phones, upgraded on sweet deal to Droid X. Instinct said I should have gotten the D-X to begin with.

As for my level of expertise, I am at a Medium. I'm the one the family comes to fix their computers and phones, etc. But this Smartphone makes me feel verrrry dumb.

Have ordered a couple of "How-to on D-X" books on Amazon, plus a book on "Best Droid Apps". Seems that will cover my knowledge, whenever they arrive.

Understand 1st: money is reallllllllllllly tight. If you have a suggestion, please scope for best price option. Much appreciated. Am Disabled, homebound.

Now, my questions to you, the knowing tech-gurus out there:a)

a) want to buy a good cradle. Motorola one on Amazon has a HDMI feature. what is *THAT*? Otherwise, looks good. Displays weather + time in big letters. Is that the best cradle?

b) ordered scratch-proof face cover from Zagg. Glad I did. Wanted to order custom skin, but Zagg would not assist me w/ placing order.

c) what other goodies do I need?

Please answer the one on HDMI.

Looking forward to your help. Really want to ENJOY this Droid X.

Thanks, have a blessed day, Merry Christmas and let's have a better 2011, ya'll!

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