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    Finally, my contract is up and I am buying a new cell phone. I am leaning toward the IPhone as it is FINALLY coming to Verizon. Here are my requirements.
    1. I must access all of my email accounts, work , personal, etc. NONE OF THEM ARE GMAIL. (I understand this is a Droid problem.) I also have pop3 accounts. I will need to read attachments.
    2. I must be able to make a phone call EASILY. My husbands blackberry world addition is absolutely awful on that reguard.
    3. I must be able to access the web with ease (See the blackberry complaint from item 2)
    4. Would like to be able to sync to ANY Computer, as I have three. My understanding is that the Iphone will only let you sync to one computer?
    5. Cool apps are a must. I'm in the HVAC industry. Yes the measurement converter is great as well as the level. Plus who doesn't like to read Sherlock Holmes?
    6. The longer battery life the better.

    So, everyone, let me know your opinion.

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    Re: I need a new cell phone and want your opinion.

    othin beats a Blackberry

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    Re: I need a new cell phone and want your opinion.


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