Hello all, I just had an Impression go bad on me but it's a minor inconvenience so I'm still going to use it. I can only hear calls on speaker phone. I have paid 5 bucks a month for over 6 years for insurance. First claim I get a Pantech Laser replacement phone. Seems like a nice phone but here's the kick. Two issues that have nothing to do with the new phone. After doing the math I just paid over 400 dollars (5 bucks a month and 50 dollar replacement fee) for a phone I could walk into a retail store and buy for 200 dollars? Second problem is AT&Ripoff wants to now charge me another 5 dollars a month to set up and use my mobile Yahoo email account. After a hour on the phone I decided to but my SIM card and memory card back into the Impression and put up with the speaker phone till July. (when my contract is up) At that time I will be going to a different carrier. Any one need a BRAND NEW Pantech Laser? Doesn't seem like a bad phone it's just I'm not giving AT&ripoff one dime more than I have to.

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