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    Hi All. New here. The reason I joined is because my cell carrier is going out of business and so I have to migrate. May as well ask my question here to see if anyone can help before I dive in.

    Because my query is so general a good answer is difficult to find. So far Virgin Mobile, Boostmobile, Straighttalk and Verizon all say I have to purchase one of their phones. There's nothing wrong with my Motorola KRZR K1M. Is there a valid reason that I have to buy a new phone? Is it obsolete or something?

    I plan to buy a smartphone soon. For instance Virgin Mobile has the LG Optimus V for $25 per month no contract, but the 240 x 320 screen resolution is so low. I'd like to have a few better options before I start using a smart phone. Wait for the Optimus T-Rex

    Is there any carrier that will allow me to use my ancient KRZR for a while longer?

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    Re: Any Valid Reason

    hello any valid reason, and welcome to Cell Phone Forums.
    thee iPhone 6

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