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    I am writing because I am desperate for someone to save me.
    My best friend is currently dying of cervical cancer. She is only 27 years old.
    I have practically no money because I have severe back injuries which disable me from working.
    I have a cleaning job in which I only get paid $310 a month.
    My friend who has cancer has no family. I am desperate for help or support from someone.
    One treatment is about $2,000+ and there have already been 3 treatments.
    We thought about the possibility of a hysterectomy which the doctors said it'd be about $10,000 or more.
    I don't have that kind of money.
    My friend has a younger brother who just had birthday party and she was unable to attend because she was sick. He doesn't know that she has cancer yet.
    I am afraid because the doctor says she may not have more than a few months.
    If I don't get the money for some type of treatment, she will ...
    Please someone I am begging, please help me.
    Please make a small donation. My friend needs your help.


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    Re: Needs your help

    While this is a very sad story, your account information and the link you posted suggests suspicion. Link removed until you can verify you're telling the truth.
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    Re: Needs your help

    I am sorry to hear about that situation. You can also help your government by bringing him to the government office for any assistance programs and other benefits for his hospitalization. If that you are saying is really true. Because there are lots of spammers out there so we should be careful about doing like this things.

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