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    Palm Bay, Florida, United States
    Does anyone know a good large screen smart phone that will work with Consumer Cellular. What they have I do not like, I need a big screen.
    I am looking at the Inspire, but CC will not confirm anything but theirs to work.
    I notice there is no subject for Consumer Cellular on this forum.

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    Re: NEW, getting Consumer Cellular,, Phone Help

    You might be interested in getting Ting. With Ting, you pay for what you use. It's great for the occasional user that might be found on Consumer Cellular. The cost is just $6 per month, plus your usage. You can get 100 minutes for just $3, 500 minutes for just $9, and so on.

    For a $50 discount on any device, click here, or enter Partner Code: VQEHQ67

    For more information, visit

    You can also contact us by clicking here or by sending an email to [email protected]

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    Re: NEW, getting Consumer Cellular,, Phone Help

    There is a new phone coming to Consumer Cellular, called the Huawei 8800. It will cost $175, including shipping and activation.

    You can find some more information on Consumer Cellular's site: Huawei 8800 How-To Videos & Manuals

    Do you think that phone will work for you?

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    Re: NEW, getting Consumer Cellular,, Phone Help

    Huawei 8800!!

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