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    I purchased and came back a watch style phone. Since I didn't discover my specific opinions, I would like to discuss my viewpoint about this watch:

    It looks heavy, and inexpensive, I believed I can use it to substitute my cell phone when I want to go for a brief stroll. The speech of the cell phone speakers is not that noisy, but it's ok. I was preparing to use the Wireless ear phones. However, the one that came with it didn't perform.. and when I used the one I had the audio excellent was bad and the speech kept splitting. It was also difficult to keep it combined to the cell phone whole time.

    The UI of the observe is a bit unusual, the symbols they select where obscure.. but that might be something you can get used to. Didn't keep it lengthy to analyze power supply, and didn't connect it into the pc.. two issues that I observed about. I only examined it for an time, and it didn't do what I required it to.And I have compared the websites and Well,one has the advantages of price and the other one has the advantages of quality.I don't konw which one would be a better option.Has anyone bought a watch style phone in these two sites?If so,pls tell me which is the better one.Thank you.

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    Re: I purchased and came back a watch style phone

    what are you referring to? or are you just a bot?

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