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    I have a Samsung Galaxy ACE, Model: GT S5830i bought on 22nd April 2012 in Chennai, India.
    I have inserted a 8GB Micro SD Card in the phone.
    Being a musician, I have downloaded a few apps like Tuner, Metronome, Tanpura,(Drone), Piano, Office Suite, Dictionary etc.
    I checked the memory management and some programs are installed in the internal memory and some are not. My phone keeps alerting me from time to time that the 'memory is full'.
    All the files I have created - like music & pictures are all on SD card.
    How to make room for the memory? How can I shift programs to SD card?
    Thank you for your help.
    My Email: <[email protected]>

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    Re: Hello all, I joined Cell Phone Forum today (20th Sep 2012)

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    There are some applications that might not be able to be moved to the MicroSD card, and therefore are on internal memory. You might need to try deleting some applications to make more space available. You can also contact the developer that created the application and ask that it be allowed to be stored on the MicroSD card.

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