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    After being with Nextel for 20+ years, and getting better coverage than my friends and co-workers in a hospital. (They basically couldn't get coverage.) Sprint decides to fazed them out.

    Now that I am in Florida, Sprint does not have the best coverage where I live, my sister or my daughter! They even sent me one of the signal booster things for my Nextel when they started dropping the cell towers. I tried to explain to the Sprint rep that it would not work on my Nextel phone because it ran on the Iden system, but oh no she insisted it would work. Well, I have one. Got it for free. Doubled checked the directions, and no, it did not work with my Nextel system.

    One day, I had to drive into Tampa for a dental appointment and I had almost nil coverage.

    At this point in time, I choose Straight Talk for my service. I wanted a smart phone and hubby wanted the simplest phone he could get.

    I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. I know there was a lot or "problems" when it first came out. Complaints about short battery life. Not being able to send or receive photos, etc., etc. (I previously had a Blackberry that I loved.) So this phone has taken me forever to learn the in's and outs. I've taken care of the battery problem. Figured out how to send and received pictures in text messages rather than them just sitting there pending.

    I'm not one that has to have the newest and latest phone available. It is a phone, not a computer. I see too many people using their phone as a computer and they are always complaining about it.

    I've been happy with Straight Talk's customer service. Although, the first couple of times I called I could not understand a word, and hung up on the last one. After that, I received customer service reps I could understand and were very helpful and quickly resolved my questions.

    Additionally, I didn't like the first phone I ordered, so I returned it. The ST rep helped me transfer the days I had left onto my new phone along with my phone number that I have had forever from Indiana!!

    So everyone take care and give me a holler sometime!


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    Re: Yup! Another Newbie!

    Welcome to CellPhoneForums.net!

    It's nice to have you here.

    I'm surprised that after you explained to Sprint's customer service how their system works (being iDEN), that they still sent out the device. I would think they would "double check" before sending it out.

    I haven't been following the iDEN shutdown. Does the phone not show a signal anymore? I would think they'd keep the towers up so people could call 911 (even if the service is inactive).

    That's a great review for Straight Talk and the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. That's personally my favorite Straight Talk phone since it uses Verizon's network. Most people don't know that they can get Verizon's coverage at Straight Talk's price.

    How did the return process work with Straight Talk? Did they pay for return shipping, or was that at your cost?

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