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    Hello cell phone enthusiasts!

    I will be moving to a new city next month and taking this opportunity to ditch the land line and get my first cell phone.

    Please help me find a basic GSM phone. Even the simplest phone at the T-Mobile site is too complex. I just want the phone to synchronize contact information with my gmail contacts.
    Priority is simple operation. I don't want to spend all day learning how to use a phone.
    Biggish screen, quality sound, and low-weight would also be nice.
    I will be using T-Mobile 1000 minutes per $100 pay-as-you-go-plan (voice only, no data).

    I appreciate your suggestions.

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    Re: Seeking simple cellphone

    I really don't have any experience with T-Mobile but if you want to sync with Gmail then I am assuming you are looking for something with data? I would suggest going to the T-Mobile store or maybe a Best Buy or Walmart to discuss different phone options with a rep. They would be able to help you find one that suits your needs.

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    Re: Seeking simple cellphone

    I know Android phones will sync all of your contacts for you, but I know you're not looking for something as complex as Android. Like the poster above mentioned, you would need data in order to sync your contacts. You can use WiFi at home if you would like, but that would most likely require a more advanced phone.

    You're not interested in getting an Android device?

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