I am new to the forum world, but I am addicted to a CC game for the Iphone called Monsters Paradise, and in order to get certain rewards you have to invite members. Well, I'm 30 yrs old and none of my friends play the game, so I thought Id try to join a gaming community to help me out. If you guys are interested in playing please download it and use my invite code "6iSpzuK" at the beginning page before you create your guy. As you level, both you and I will get rewards and when you get to level 20 I get a new angel card.

The game has a little learning curve at first but easily figured out and Aeria mobile seems very pay for play, although the game is free. All the help is appreacuated, at the younger generation is handing it to me with all their invites. Feel free to pm me here or in game and i can assit you. Thanks for your time.


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