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    Dear All,
    I am currently doing a business plan about a portable battery for smartphones and I found this forum, I would just like to do some research and see how many people are interested in this idea, if you are, please send me an email, joehui1126 at gmail, information is below.
    Thank you,

    Portable Battery was a bulky product which requires an USB wire to transfer power from the charger itself to the phone, but they became smaller in size, and some models do not even require an USB wire.
    The main problem of a Portable Battery is it’s convenient, as it is not an ‘open and use’ product, we now have to recharge 2 things instead of 1 at home.
    The product concept of this company is to create a small in size Portable Battery named Dual Battery which could be recharged by both USB and battery (small batteries such as AA, AAA or even button cell) and suitable for all smartphones. . An AAA battery could only recharge the phone partly, therefore this product requires user to switch the battery once it has been consumed, but it is extremely useful in the case of emergency when both the power of the phone and USB recharge have been consumed.

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    Re: Portable Battery for smartphone

    Products like this already exist but if you can do it better than what is already on the market then I'm sure people would be interested

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    Re: Portable Battery for smartphone

    You can add solar, and a hand crank to it also, if you feel it would benefit the user.

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