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    US CELLULAR just told me the $200 Samsung Galaxy 3S phone I bought my son for Christmas will NOT work with Sprint and US Cellular said it's mine to keep!!!. I was at the US Cellular store 2 days ago looking to buy 2 new phones and the salesperson was such a rude dude I didn't buy them thank whatever God you pray too!. US CELLULAR IS OUT OF BUSINESS in 90 DAYS. mARCH 22 2013 + 90 DAYS YOUR US CELLULAR PHONES WILL NOT WORK AND YOU ARE STUCK WITH THEM. Thank you US Cellular for being so honest. You have stole millions of dollars from unsuspecting people. Don't trust US Cellular. If you live in Chicago to Saint Louis and have US Cellular your phone will stop working in 90 days and you are screwed. Please check it out if you don't believe this.

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    Re: Do not by us cellular phones if you live in chicago to st. Louis

    I have heard some real bad reviews of their product in general in my area. I have always avoided them and now this ! Sorry to hear about your bad experience

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