Well, some of you know me, but I'm sure a lot of you don't...

My name is Shane (deathtrip) and I am the founder of CheckESNFree.com and MyStolenPhone.com

I started CheckESNFree over 4 years ago and in this short amount of time it has become an essential part of both my life and the mobile communities.

While not everything can be perfect, we do our best to help prevent mobile phone fraud for thousands of consumers, recyclers, and anyone in between.

We currently validate ESNs against the US National IMEI Blacklist (lost/stolen phones), NCIC (Federal Stolen Articles Database), Verizon, Straight Talk, Cricket, MetroPCS and many others, with Sprint not working very well at the moment.

We recently started MyStolenPhone.com to aid in the prevention and recovery of cellular thefts. We have worked with several other businesses and built a rather large database of consumer reported lost or stolen phone information and in conjunction with CheckESNFree.com we are attempting to bring the trade of lost or stolen phones to a halt.

I'm open to questions, comments, and your concerns.

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