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    I have a Verizon account with three smart phones that I got 2 years ago last November from AmazonWireless for a penny a piece. My contract with them expired a month ago, but we still have the account.
    Amazon has great deals for signing up new folks for plans. They handle Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.
    We've been using HTC Rezounds for the last 2+ years.
    They're currently offering Samsung S4's for a penny with a new contract and for $49.99 if you're upgrading an existing account with a new contract.

    Since I have an existing account, the check-out process grinds to a halt when I ask to transfer existing phone numbers and I input numbers they already recognize as having an existing account. At least they won't sell me the phones for a penny...They want $49.99/phone If I decide to transfer numbers. I'm guessing I'd probably encounter the same dead end if don't ask to keep the same numbers--it would probably just happen a bit farther into the check-out process. But maybe not. What if we just got new numbers...would that mean a new account and penny phones.

    Both the penny and the $49.99 prices sound great. After all, Verizon is selling the phones for $250 with a new contract in their stores.

    But assuming AmazonWireless is offering similar penny deals with their other two carriers, It would seem they're asking me to switch carriers in order to get the phones for a penny. That seems odd.

    What if I call them up and cancel our accounts and go without cell phones for a week? Would they still deny the penny deal based on the previous account a week later?

    I just don't know. I'm really trying to pinch pennies here since my spouse is off work having just had surgery.

    See More: Anyone use AmazonWireless? (penny pincher here)
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    Re: Anyone use AmazonWireless? (penny pincher here)

    It's strange that you're having issues. I got my SIII from Amazon when I last upgraded. You're using this page? Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy S4, Black (Verizon Wireless): Cell Phones & Accessories

    You shouldn't have to transfer any numbers if you are staying with Verizon. Enter your zip, choose the plan type, then click "I have a Verizon Wireless account and want to upgrade my current device to this one" Then you'll get a form that looks like this after you click 'add to cart' to check your eligibility for an upgrade:

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    Just fill that out.

    If you cancel things with Verizon first then you will lose your number. Think of it as paying $50 to keep your number in this case.

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