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    I figure I could post in one of the other forums, but- hey, why not here, right?

    So, never owned a cell phone. Never needed one, really. But, now I kinda need one. I'm looking at a smartphone, something fairly low-end; I don't need much- calls, a bit of data (mainly on rare occasions I need Google Maps), that sort of thing. I looked at a bunch of phones today- the Samsung Galaxy S4 stood out; Costco has a decent deal on it (free? and $60/month). The carrier would be Verizon, and the consensus based on web reviews is that locally (Phoenix metro), Verizon > T-Mobile > Sprint > AT&T in terms of service.

    I like the Android operating system. Microsoft was on the other end of that spectrum. Droid MAXX was pretty nice.

    I don't need much. Probably not more than a few hours a month, not a lot of data. Not much call for texting. Am I missing any options? I've looked at prepaid phones- the T-Mobile ones probably wouldn't save me much ($50/month plan for unlimited talk), the Verizon prepaid plan- holy crap, I just finished differential equations and I can't understand that contract.

    It'd be nice not to get ripped off, and any advice would be welcome. Thank you.

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    Re: Never owned a cell phone. Yup.

    The Galaxy S4 is probably more than you need, but if it's free then why not Anything that runs Android is going to very similar as far as how things are laid out anyway. I would get the lowest possible data and minutes on a Verizon plan, but be aware there are a lot of 'extra' fees.

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