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    My wife and I have had Sprint about 13 years. In 2012 I went to a Sprint Store in South Kingstown RI and I bought a Samsung Galaxy SII EPIC 4G Touch smartphone because I was told it was 4G. Well, I never saw 4G on it anywhere near where I live. Over the next 2 and a half years, I called Sprint several times to find out when 4G service was coming to North Kingstown RI. Each time I was told, it is coming. In August of 2014, my 2 year contract having expired 7 months before, I went to the same South Kingstown RI Sprint store. I told them I was interested in a new phone but had a few questions about the service because I was getting ready to move to Westerly RI. My first question: Why did I never get 4G service on my Galaxy S2: Their answer: "that is not 4G phone". Wow - that was news to me (also news to whoever made the box that it came in as it clearly states that it is 4G) - also news to whoever made the sign in the Sprint store at the time I bought it because that said it was 4G. So I hope you get the picture. I then asked if the address I would be moving to in Westerly RI had 4GLTE service. I was told that the service there was even better than that - "they have Sprint Spark there now". Based upon that assurance, I selected a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The store told me: "that phone does not get Sprint Spark but the new Galaxy S5 does." So, based upon their assurance, I upgraded to the Galaxy S5 to the tune of $27+ per month for 24 months. Well, I just moved to Westerly this week. Do I have Sprint Spark service there? NO!. Do I have 4GLTE service there? NO! So, I called Sprint Customer Service to complain and to tell them I wanted them to take back the phone and to give me a refund for the remaining payments. Sprint's reply: We cannot (meaning they will not) help you. "You have to go to the South Kingstown RI Sprint store where you bought it". I replied: "but they have already lied to me - twice!". Spring: "We cannot help you". So I went to the South Kingstown RI Sprint store and spoke with the manager. He copped an attitude in the first five seconds and replied: "That's not our problem, you'll have to take that up with Sprint". So I called Sprint again and they told me they really want to keep us as loyal customers and they are doing everything they can to help. But the fact of the matter is: They are doing NOTHING. Spring passes the buck on to the store and the store passes it right back to Sprint.

    I asked the store if I could cancel Sprint services at their location. The reply: "You can only do it online" (another lie, of course). So, how do I cancel my Sprint services online so I can get away from these liars?

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    Re: Sprint is speaking lies

    FYI, Sprint used to say 'yeah, we have 4g' when what they really had was HSPA+ 3g data. They slowly started to get 4g LTE across the country, but are still behind Verizon and AT&T.

    I would just call them and cancel. They'll probably try to keep you by offering a discount.

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