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    Ello guys how is everyone today? Its a chilly nice day in Arizona for now at least just wait till the afternoon hits though lol :P

    I just got this site a few seconds ago. First and foremost i had no idea where to post this so im posting it here lol im having some issues with my new phone its a Galaxy S6 and i wanna set up notification tones for whenener people text me but i cant seem to figure it out, which is driving me nuts cause im usually very handy with phones in general and the directions my phone came with dont do any good with helping me in that department either :/ so with all that being said does anyone here know how i can set up notifications tones for whenever people text me? Cause for now its juse one ring tone for everyone when they text so i have no clue whos even texting me whenever they do text me which is driving me nuts lol so if anyone can help me out with this that'd be awesome and id greatly appreciate it

    <3 Jen

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    Re: Ello Poppets :)

    Welcome to here..

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