OK I'll try to be concise. Ever since I gave out a land line # as an emergency for my employer:
If I'm on the phone and someone tries to call me instead of hearing my outgoing message aka ME and my business msg
Callers hear an automated message, that basically redirects them to the land line: You have reached "555-555-5555" which is the ^above emergency only land line that doesn't even belong to me. It's a family member's land line.

I work for a company that has pretty sophisticated software - at one point I had both my cell and the land line posted on my work profile
But since then I would get a call from work and if I didnt answer fast enough it would bounce to / ring the land line.

So I deleted the land line from my profile. But I still get calls on it - (I sell boats) so if a client reaches a viewing threshold the system alerts me by email or text but now it's calling the land line!

I have asked the VP of the company who is also the creator of this software and he insists my cell phone company must have access to that land line somehow. False - I am an adult who lives down the street from the family member who still has a land line and it is as I stated
Only emergency contact purposes.

I'm on the phone all the time w/clients. This means I'm not getting messages which means I am not getting back to missed callers!

What caused this? It has only happened since I started this job 30 days ago! Thank you, P

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