When your phone into the water?

  When your cell phone into the water, the first time, of course, is to keep calm, not to boot.Otherwise a boot, it will only let the water into the mobile phone inside, thus damaging mobile phone parts, mobile phone inevitable will spoil.Here, therefore, teach friends two life small methods:

  1, place the mobile phone in the first place in the rice, rice super absorbent ability, to the moisture in the phone line.Small make up my iphone is like this, for example, some time ago accidentally fell into the water, immediately put in rice, would have a normal after half an hour.

  2, when the mobile phone into the water, with heat blower can be selected for processing, the effect also is very good.

  Of course, for mobile phone parts have damage friend, don't also can't, only to the service center;Or is in the phone!

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