Nothing too exciting here... Just an old lady on Cape Cod
with a few questions about cell phones.
I'm not a techno-geek, and I really never wanted a cell phone.
I might very well be the last woman (in the USA) to break down
and get a cell phone about 11 or 12 years ago.

I did this only because I started riding my motorcycle far and abroad,
and discovered that there were no more pay-phones! At least any
pay phones that actually worked.
I was on the road, far from home, needing to communicate with
other people... and there's no phone! Damn! I'm screwed!

So, I gave in to the future that I have no place being in, and
got a motorola L6, and an AT&T account.
That little candy bar phone went through hell and back again,
and still worked fine for years. It was all held together with electrical
tape, the keys worn to nothing, the emblems popped off, and a chip
knocked off from small arms fire in a biker-***** bar.

The only problem I found with that phone was the size - too small.
I got tired of people saying "I can't hear you" because the phone
(all candy bar phones, I think) was too small, and could not reach
my ear and my mouth at the same time. So...
I next got a Motorola Tundra.

I like the Tundra, it's a good simple phone that's almost as durable
as is claimed. No, I haven't shot it out of a cannon yet, not hurled it
from a Roman catapult... but (for me) it is very straight foward and
easy to use. These older Motorola phones are the only ones I have
not had difficulty using. It's a how your brain works thing.

I find that the phones I like and understand are mostly discontinued,
and I do have some questions about how best to store a cell phone
for future use.
I will post these questions in the general cell phone section, I hope
within the next day or two. That seems more appropriate to me.
until then, good night folks.

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