Hey, I've been a big fan of prepaid phones forever! I cannot stand paying monthly, because of all the random charges that incur. I started with AT&T which was pretty cool. It was my first flip phone and dead serious, you can make calls underground it was so damn good. But, of course that did'nt last long. Eventually 2 years past up and I was FORCED to get rid of my old school kyocera phone for a new phone which obviously screwed me every chance it got.

And by this time I had to be paying for my phone service by myself and of course I wanted to buy ringtones and there were "new" charges with my phone because its a newer phone, blah blah blah. I eventually got rid of it and went to sprint and it was even worse! They had fee's for everything and the worst part is that they only want to sell phone and not help you work out the phones. I also had T-Mobile which was'nt too bad. I remember the phone had TV on it which was way ahead of its time. Of course my bill was'nt ahead of its time and I was paying almost $100 a month for the damn phone,lol.

Fast forward years later and simple mobile came out and I am using it with my iphone. At first, it was awsome! Eventually they started throttling the data and my cell signal would work sometimes and other times it decided it was just going to make my phone an ipod touch. GAH!

I am serious when I say I think I use just about every cell phone provider under the sun with alot of phones to go with it. Eventually I settled on straight talk which was poop about a year ago, but they just increased that data which is pretty cool. The customer service is HORRIBLE though. But the service of it is really cool. I have 3 iPads and 2 iPhones all which use straight talk. There is this cool thing I did which my straight talk service in which I bought the 1 year plan and added it to a straight talk sim and slapped that sim in my ipad and now my ipad has data which is pretty awsome.

Anyways, hey everyone! I love cell phones and I always want to have the best tech. I know its mentioned somewhere else on this site, but I also own a site called CheaperChange and I refill straight talk service for others as well. I just want to let you guys know I am a REAL person and I do LOVE my phones and my ipads. I just own 1 phone and my 1 ipad too, the rest is for my family. Anyways thanks if you guys read through all this, I am happy to be here and happy to talk cell phones with anyone anyday!

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