Hello to all!
I am new to the cell phone world, though I have had phones in the past it was not my passion.
Before then it was all about computers, gaming and consoles.
I am very tech savvy but now I am apart of the cell phone business and am trying to learn as much as possible.

I do hope I found the right community for my need to learn more and to learn more about the industry.
To note I work for a mom and pop shop.

However, my position at this business is pretty high, so I have to know a LOT.
I've registered at 3 other forums, so it's time I become pro.

It is a bit weird having to find a cell phone community when I have my other homes (In my other areas of interest)

So I do hope this ol' newb is welcomed and the questions I ask aren't frowned upon.
With all this said, thank you for having me, and I hope I can be an asset to the community as I explore and learn.

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