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    Hey everyone. Iím new to this forum. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.
    I am an electronic guru, I love all things electronic and I love to dissect all things electronic and see how they work. I currently work for a large corporation that I wonít mention for obvious reasons. I get assignments weekly to try and hack into their servers to test the security flaws. I love my job, I can legally hack and get paid for it, what more could a nerd ask for.
    Iíve always been and always will be an ethical hacker. I donít hack to steal, I hack to help people/companies and I hack for fun. Iím happy to teach anyone how to do simple legal hacks, I also provide services for any company or person that need my help. Iím laid back, easy going, honest and hardworking. I love challenging myself and I love helping people. I hope to make some friends along the way and I hope I can respectfully add to discussions on this forum.

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    Re: New guy on the forum

    Newbie here too! Nice to meet everyone!

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