First post & I guess I would define myself as a newb.
I am impressed with all reviews of the mentioned phone, but not sure if it will work on Fido in Canada. Specifically, it seems the numbers of frequency bands and types are quite varied. I figure the major players like Rogers, Bell & Tellus all have minium standards. Does this phone fit? I am concerned that I get it and find out that it works, but fast LTE (for example) does not. That would make the great price of an Xiaomi phone turn out to give me a lot of remorse.
Can anyone guide me?

The phone I would really like is the google 3aXL. I know it will work as all the majors in Canada offer it subsidized if you sign up....really, it is just too expensive for me to justify. This Xiaomi, seems to have great spec and is android one, which is really important to me. I am an unlocked user and want to stay that way.


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