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    Hello to all the members

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    Re: New to the forum,

    Hello Fellow member

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    Re: New to the forum,When Google Drive Is Breaking Up, How to Sync Your Photo

    When Google Drive Is Breaking Up, How to Sync Your Photo Without Data Loss
    If there's a smartphone, there's a camera; as simple as that. If there's a camera, there are photos. It is important to be able to transfer the beautiful photos you have taken with your Google Pixel 3a/3a XL to your PC.

    Decision has been made that Google is going to uncouple the Google Photos from Google Drive thus no photos automatically keeping sync in this storage service, which means that you will have to periodically backup your Google photos in no case of the data loss. And people are confusing how they track back their photos if there is no backup in Google Drive. Never mind, here is a tutorial to relieve your anxiety.
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