I have Safelink Wireless, which I've been told is owned by Tracfone. The last time I needed a new phone, I ordered it directly through the Tracfone website, and had no difficulty connecting it to my Safelink service when I received it.

However, as that was around 2 years ago, I'm not sure if the policies have changed. As the lower-priced phones all say 'purchase plan required,' I don't know how to proceed. Normally I'd go to Tracfone's online chat, but the feature hasn't been available the last few times I've checked their website.

Logically I don't want to purchase a plan when I already have service. I don't want to buy a phone from Safelink because they're too expensive. Would anyone here know if I can order phone through Tracfone without purchasing a plan, and connect it to my current service like I did before?

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