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    So let's open a topic for comments, impressions of the new OS. Personally I am not thrilled, what I have seen so far is irresistibly reminiscent of Linux, at least in terms of launching. the only thing I like is the ability to right click on the deployment button and the ability to "stack" windows. If anyone wants to try this let me know in a private message and send me the link to download the ISO file. What are some ways to protect yourself from hackers now? Is it the same way to download anti-viruses? Or are there other ways.

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    Re: Windows 11

    I haven't had time to download Windows 11 yet. I have Windows 10 and I am happy with it. But now I am having a lot of problems. I didn't know how to download the Pro version of the Office.

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    Re: Windows 11

    I bought an Office for work last week. I had no problem with downloading Office. I downloaded it and activated it. I had some problems with activation, so I asked office 2019 mak for the key again. Office does not work without a key. I like to use office programs especially Excel. At work, I often create tables with tasks thank Excel.
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