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Topic Review (Newest First)

  • 12-11-2009, 07:08 AM
    yes, u right.
  • 12-11-2009, 03:01 AM
    yes still sticking with Nokia and its really easy to use
  • 12-10-2009, 03:32 PM
    definitely the Nokia.
    BlackBerry and Iphone are very much overrated, but then are all the functions unlocked?
  • 12-07-2009, 03:11 AM
    I vouch for E71
  • 12-04-2009, 09:36 PM
    Out-of-the-box, probably the BlackBerry could have a better email client than E71. Mainly because the IMAP email client SUCKS A LOT. I don't know who did this software, but has a weird interface, and this IMAP push solution is very unstable. If you force to always use PUSH, you need to stick onto a connection. That means, you can't tell the email client to change to a 3G connection if you lost the WiFi signal, and viceversa.

    Besides, IMHO the BlackBerry solution is a STUPIDITY in 2009. Why? That's simple. In 2003, I had a Motorola V80. This phone HAD a POP3/IMAP client, it doesn't need ANY SECONDARY servers, although the mail retrieving method was via IMAP polling. So, why shiny new BlackBerry devices need a bunch of RIM servers to get email? I don't like the fact that RIM saves my email's password in their servers. In fact, I don't even like the fact that RIM CAN SEE my emails.

    So, if you really want to convert your E71 to a powerful email client, buy ProfiMail. Costs about US$20 and you can manage 30 mailboxes in your Symbian-based cellphone. If your mailbox has IMAP IDLE (today all IMAP servers supports IDLE, the method used for IMAP PUSH) you can enjoy the benefits of receive your email *directly* in your cellphone, no PUSH servers needed. Because ProfiMail uses ONLY your IMAP/POP3 mailboxes, it stores the password in your device (via simple encryption method, I don't know who is). If you're very paranoid, encrypt the memory and your SD card, and it's done.

    If you need IM, Nimbuzz does the work. Nimbuzz has a dedicated Symbian version, so you can have all major IM networks in one software. You could do this in a BlackBerry, but because the Java Machine SUCKS (in cellphones) isn't as powerful as in Symbian or Windows Mobile versions..
  • 09-15-2009, 04:42 PM
    I think Blackberry is better..
    everyone has a different opinion
  • 09-15-2009, 01:31 PM
    check out ****
  • 09-12-2009, 02:35 PM
    probably a little late for the person that originally posted the question, but you CANNOT go on both messenger and internet at the same time on the same internet connection.

    ex. Messenger is connected to '3G Internet'. If you go to access the web via the same interface '3G Internet' it will give you an error stating the connection is already in use.

    ex 2. You could use WLAN for one and 3G for the other. Of course this only works when WLAN is present.

    This seems to be the only downside so far. I've been playing with the phone for about a month now.

    This set back along with no HTML are the only things I haven't liked so far. Oh! and also that there is no decent Facebook app. Only a couple of third party apps for facebook, so no full mobile support.
  • 06-25-2009, 06:15 AM
    I'm sorry, I'm new, what's push Email?
  • 06-22-2009, 08:54 PM
    E71, all you need is there.
    For the email, you just need to configure it properly to have a good experience.
  • 05-24-2009, 06:14 PM
    E71 is by far better...but thats my opinion. but im currently using one.
  • 03-11-2009, 06:54 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by bluedevices View Post
    E71 is best in all feature.
    Not e-mail.
  • 03-11-2009, 06:27 PM
    Adding to the above Comparison: My previous Blackberry work phones have been Blackberry 7290, Pearl 8100, & the Curve 8230 so I'm very familiar with the line & found them invaluable especially the qwerty. I chose the Nokia e71 for personal/work use. I had to make the decision of whether to upgrade to a Blackberry Bold or the Nokia e71.

    Previous Blackberrys vs upgrade to Nokia e71 vs upgrade to Blackberry Bold

    Nokia e71 is faster than the BB 8230 & Pearl, as its 3g but apparently the BB Bold matches its speed. The BB 8230 & 8900 are slower as theyre not 3g.

    You can use your home wireless broadband, or any wlan you have access to to connect to the internet, you dont have to use your phone network provider internet add on. You are given a choice of how you want to connect to the internet. This saves u using up your fair usage internet (usually 1gb p month). This is great 4 people who know where the free wireless spots are even if u dont have an add on. I use the wireless lan connection option to download videos & applications when i'm at home (or u can download to pc & use the usb cable). Wireless lan is also useful where theres no reception for your phone network provider but wlan is available to you

    You can use skype, twitter etc on Noia e71. skype is usually restricted on BB's. Messenger works well on Nokia e71. I havent been able to try it on my work BB as the settings are restricted to the employers secure network.

    Push Email & Attachments
    The Nokia does this as well as the BB's even using the built in free Nokia e71 software. You dont need a BB enterprise a/c to do this. I just used my outlook settings , with imap as the setting (u can also have pop settings). It works fine , I can download & view, pics, adobe acrobat, & word/text docs.

    Heres where the Nokia E71 is better. The built in free software has a mini office type suite & adobe reader, this means u can download & read these types of attachments , excel, doc, txt, pdf , zip etc from a downloaded email AND from the Nokia web browser. I could not download pdf's etc from i.e a google search on BB's I've owned.

    AND On the Nokia e71 u can edit & write, word type docs, spreadsheets etc & upload them to email. The Pearl & BB 8230 could not do this. You couldnt save pdfs , word docs etc from emails & then view the docs later on the Blackberry's , I don't know if they have added this feature to the Blackberry Bold . But its free on the e71.

    You can set up multiple push or normal email accounts on the e71, I have 5 different emails set up on it now including a built in widows live.

    1. Cost
    Theres no point buying an older model of Blackberry, unless your getting a heavy discount. The Nokia e71 has more features than the earlier blackberrys for the same or cheaper price than the older models.

    The Nokia e71 has all the features of the blackberry bold but its sold cheaper whether on contract or pay as you go. Both the BB's & e71 easily held by 1,000 contact addresses, & they all have removable batteries & removable microsd memory cards

    Music Player
    The older blackberry curve/pearl, both have decent music players/video, however I have always found that the inside headset socket always wore out with a couple of months if you use it daily for music. The 8230 blackberry curve has a normal stereo headphone socket so you can stick a normal headphones in without a small adapter. The Nokia headphones in the box, are poor for music. But, with a 5 adapter, I got good sound & the nokia also has a flash video player, & built in realplayer, which is great for downloaded youtube videos. on the e71 I wouldnt bother converting music to aac, I found my unmodified mp3's worked fine & had a better sound. You can also view/listen to podcasts & download webfeeds. I also use it with marketmaster shares & stocks software which works well.

    Build Quality
    Previous BB's had a plasticky finish which easily rubbed off & got embarassing . My e71 has a grey steel finish & a slimmer body than the BB's. The slim body was important to me as I wear fitted suits & I don't want a brick in my pocket. The BB Bold is chunkier. The e71's external body finish will consequently look better for longer, although it adds a little to its weight. AND the Nokia has a mouse touchpad rather than a round thumball on the BB. The BB thumball is inferior because it sometimes clogged up with dust etc so you couldnt scroll up or down, which was frustrating on emails, & it meant it would have to be sent for repair as its easy to fall apart if u try & do it yourself. This is a great improvement. The BB 8230 curve & BB 8300 also used to crash every few days, so u had to restart, the e71 hasn't done that.

    I was able to back up my blackberry contacts, calendar, to do, notes etc to outlook & then use the nokia pcsuite software suite to resync to the e71.

    Games are like PC quality, on the e71. No more brick programme, so the e71 processor must be more powerful than the previous BB's. Also theres loads of freeware & paid software you can download for the e71 which is based on the symbian s60 os.

    Iphone Considered but ruled out, as handsets & contracts are too expensive, also whats the point of a big video screen if you too scared to bring it out on the tube/bus for fear of theft, might as well just get a mp3 player. Iphone Battery life compared to BB or e71 is pitiful. And it doesnt handle email attachments as well as the others, & I prefer a proper qwerty keyboard not touchscreen & my friends say it sometimes accidentally calls out as the keylock doesnt always stay on. And no removable memory card.

    Nokia e71 wins for me on features & value for money. It was 25% cheaper than the BB, on a phone+ internet contract . The e71 handset only is about 25% -35% cheaper. Its slimmer, sexier & 3g, only the BB Bold matches it for features but e71 has the edge with the FREE built in software.

    Hope that helps
  • 03-04-2009, 01:59 AM
    E71 is best in all feature.
  • 02-28-2009, 10:31 AM
    Having actually used all three phones I can give you my opinion of the three devices.

    [Bb]Nokia E71:[/B] The built-in Nokia music player is decent and the built-in speaker produces good volume especially if it's sitting on a table where the sound can reflect off the table.

    BB Bold and 8900: The BB music player is also decent and the speaker also produces decent volume levels.

    Nokia E71: Device supports HSDPA and WLAN for browsing and the browser is quite good though sometimes it takes a while for an entire page to finish rendering depending on the size of the page.

    BB Bold and 8900: Browser isn't bad and both of these BBs allow you to browse using WLAN though I don't think the browser is as good as on the E71. If you're looking for speed when browsing, then you want to go with the BB Bold as it has 3G while the 8900 is 2G/UMA.

    Nokia E71: E-mails aren't bad on this device and it does support POP and IMAP e-mails. To get push e-mail on this device requires an Exchange e-mail account and you can download the free Mail for Exchange app from Nokia's website. This device does not support HTML e-mails so that may or may not be a deal breaker for you. If you're getting this device from Rogers, there is also a built-in MobileMail app which isn't bad. MobileMail doesn't support HTML e-mails nor does it support attachments, but it does support all Windows Live, Yahoo, and Rogers Yahoo e-mail accounts.

    BB Bold and 8900: In my opinion, so far nothing beats the BBs for e-mails. You get push e-mail, your own e-mail address (if you don't mind having the domain), support for HTML e-mails, and it supports viewing common attachments in your e-mail like PDF and MS Office documents.

    Nokia E71: I haven't tried really tried IM apps much on this device but I did play with a MSN Messenger client briefly on it which is OK. I have played with Agile Messenger and IM+ on the E61 and those two IM apps are pretty good and should work with the E71. If you're planning to get this device from Rogers, there is a built-in IM app on it but requires a subscription to be able to message on Yahoo and MSN. You can be logged into multiple accounts using either the built-in IM app or the other two apps I mentioned. You can use either the cell network or WLAN to use IM.

    BB Bold and 8900: The messenger clients are quite good on these two BBs though you have to use separate clients for different IM accounts compared to what's available on the E71. The good thing is that there is also a Google Talk, ICQ, and AOL IM clients for the BBs assuming you're still using one of these IM accounts. Remember you'll need a BB data plan to use any IM clients on the BBs.

    Nokia E71: I haven't tried using radio streaming on this device but I believe there is a free radio streaming client available for it. I have used radio streaming on the Nokia E61 over WLAN and it isn't bad. If you're planning to use radio streaming on the E71, you probably want to use it over WLAN unless you have an unlimited or high data plan.

    BB Bold and 8900: I don't know of any radio streaming clients for the BBs and haven't tried. I don't think you would want to if any radio streaming clients don't support streaming over WLAN as the data charges can be expensive.

    Both devices support having multiple apps running and connected to the network (cellular or WLAN). The Nokia E71 runs Symbian S60 3rd OS which is a multitasking OS so you can use Messenger and the internet, and any other apps at the same time. I recommend playing with all three devices in the stores to see which one you like. The E71 and BB 8900 are more pocketable compared to the BB Bold. The E71 has a more squished keyboard compared to the BBs or even the older E61. All three devices support microSD cards up to 8GB and all three have built-in GPS and WLAN. The BBs have a higher resolution screen than the E71 but the E71 has a 24-bit colour screen compared to the BBs which are 16-bit colour.

    Hope that answers your questions.
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