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  • 03-12-2012, 07:28 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by tsuyonshi View Post
    Never mind, I finally got it to work, yay! Thanks a lot for your help, VicRomano
    im ganna act like im VicRomano.....Thankyou.
  • 08-18-2011, 07:02 AM
    Got it figured out.....
    I must say first and foremost.
    MIS-INFORMATION has been posted about this phone and the MODERATORS should look into those postings (all that have been posted b4 this is misleading, this is a reply) I do not know what to think because that technique just doesn't work.
    OK so you got your lgmobile software up and bitpim 1.07 Make sure you do not connect phone as external memory device so "no" to the usb dialog. and go thru the detection and be sure it is the right phone/setting. "whoevers lg cx9200 (keybo2)detected on com whatever" The big dot will be green
    Click on filesystem in the far left and wait till it retrieves the filing the + on brew then shared, this opens 9 folders, 8 of the are "my whatever files" the ninth is a ringtone folder.
    This where you will drag and drop your up to 30 second MP3 file.(it's what I had ready, I do not know if longer is possible)
    Once the transfer has been complete you will now see your file in the big box on the right.
    Go up to the left upper corner the green arrow that is pointing to the phone click on it a dialog box comes up.
    In that dialog box click on "add" and "ringtones" and "ok."
    Your phone will reboot.
    As it does unplug and allow it to reboot away from the computer.
    Now you can go to settings and add your newly made ringtone as a text or call tone.

    BTW I use Audacity to trim my mp3's.

    Hoping this helps anyone who actually is very tired of being overly charged for poor services from Canadian telecom companies who thanks to a very greedy Gov. allows for overcharging and under-servicing.

    Openmedia is where I like to hang my opinions and 2 cents worth!
  • 08-15-2011, 07:16 AM
    I tried adding another ringtone to my phone. Bitpim allowed me to add the ringtone, (BTW, there's a new sub-directory, called "mod" between "brew" and "10889").
    However, the phone won't recognize it's there, and I can't use it to replace my current ringtone.
    Looks like Telus/LG caught the loophole that Bitpim found and has filled it.
    Interesting, but not helpful to you!

    As regards the ringtone offerings from Telus, I agree they are limited and uninspiring, but they are also hard to hear. I'm 64 and my hearing is not the best. The ringtone I added I chose specifically so I could hear the phone ringing when it's in my pocket or hanging on my belt. It's noisy and doesn't sound like music from a nearby car window. I'd better be careful not to replace it, or it might "disappear" from my ringtone list.

    Sorry I can't be more help.
  • 08-13-2011, 10:07 AM
    Wow talk about Canadian.....
    Ok the first warrantied phone I accidentally got one file to take as a mp3/ringtone(was being rushed found it the next day)
    (1) Lg Mobile support running...
    (2) Bit pim detect phone LG cx9200 keybo2 green bulb showing c's lg....dropping trimmed (20 second) mp3 directly into the ringtone folder in the middle row.
    (When I first started the VZW file was not present in the furthest right row but has shown up since)
    Absolutely nothing.
    So unplug phone and shut off for a few minutes...Not a thing.
    Re-initialize phone with the green light files are still in bitpim under brew/ 10889/ringtones.
    Click on send phone data...left bulb went red(busy)...writing re-boots...doesn't ask about connecting usb.
    green bulb on left doesnt say c's..but says lg cx9200 (keybo2)on com4 detected
    Re detect as c's green bulb...files on bitpim...but not on phone under menu/music and media 3, ringtones and sounds 2 my ringtones.
    Is there any other techniques besides light greasing the phone and covering the grease with coarse sand to shove it up telus's...well you know!
    Of course I can always allow them to "fleece me" (it is a canadian market) and just buy from their limited selection.
  • 08-09-2011, 07:36 AM
    WRT is "with regards to"

    I think your repaired phone might need more work than just the screen.

    As for the Staples phone, was it for Telus? I've checked the Verizon software compared to the Telus software and they are markedly different. There are ways to activate programs (like a real internet browser) on the Verizon machine that don't work on the Telus. Perhaps the Staples phone is too generic for Telus.
  • 08-06-2011, 04:06 AM
    What is WRT mp3? (just the wrt)anyway I had some success, I was fooling around and presto all of a sudden one of the mp3 showed up.
    I am using Audacity to trim my mp3 to 20 seconds.
    But may have been the using the first column ringtones to convert the mp3 then taking it from the bitpim folder and dropping into the 10889 folder.
    I also cannot get the sd card to hold my pictures (i've tried two)...there is a setting that allows you to save your pics directly to the sd card...I get double images.
    This phone came to me by the way of a warrenty repair.
    My wife is addicted to texting, she bumped this phone (bought from the telus store) and the screens started to do the "peek-aboo" routine.
    The loaner they wanted her to use was a old flip lg phone with 10 digits, so I bought her a new phone from staples (it is pink and was 20 bucks cheaper)and I notice her filing system is ringtone/10889 file....any ideals about that?

    BTW...Thank you for your response(s)...much appreciate the thoughts and knowledge!
  • 08-04-2011, 07:42 PM
    I first did this a year ago (Aug. 2010) and it worked then. I had someone else post that it worked for them, after a little playing around. I just checked my phone and it still seems to work for me, but maybe Telus or LG have changed the software on later phones so this won't work anymore. I'll have to be careful about any "upgrades" they offer.

    WRT mp3's, I don't know for sure but that's all I use. If you're using some other format, that also might be a problem.
  • 08-04-2011, 12:17 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by VicRomano View Post
    If you can see your ringtone in your sounds folder, it's in the wrong place.
    It should show up in the "ringtones" folder only, not "sounds" or "ringers".
    This is how I did it with BitPim.

    If you aren't using BitPim - STOP!

    Get a copy of BitPim off the internet (its free) and install it.
    Mine is 1.0.7, which as of Aug '10 is the latest version.
    Plug your phone into your USB cable and into your computer.
    When the phone asks if you want to "Connect phone to PC using USB cable", say "No".

    Run BitPim.
    If it doesn't try to find your phone automatically, click on the "edit settings" icon at the top.
    The 4th line down is "Phone type"
    Open this list and select "LG-CX9200 (Keybo 2)"
    Careful here, there is an "LG-VX9200 Env3", which is the Verizon version. I have no idea if that would work.
    Browse for the port setting. You want the one marked "LGE CDMA USB Serial Port"
    The rest you can probably leave as-is, so click "OK"
    BitPim will then find the details of your phone and confirm it.
    Look at the round ball at the lower left. If it's red and says "Busy", wait.
    When BitPim confirms your name, the marker at the bottom right will change from yellow to green and say "Detected", rather than "Manually Set"

    Click on "View" on the menu bar at the top and select "View Filesystem".
    This shows a new folder in the left column called "filesystem".
    Click on it and BitPim will bring up an additonal column.
    The middle column will show folders (only) and the right will show files (only).
    The middle column now shows a folder icon with the folder name "/".
    Open the folder (click on the "+" sign beside it) and BitPim gets busy and puts up a message "Retreiving..."
    When it finishes, it will show a long list of folders in the middle column.
    Find the folder "brew".
    Open it by clicking the "+" sign and find the folder "10889".
    Open "10889" and inside is a folder called "ringtones".
    Drop the ringtone into this folder.

    I did this by dragging the MP3 ringtone over from the Windows Explorer screen to the BitPim screen and dropping it.

    If you click on the folder "ringtones" in the middle column and your ringtone shows up in the right-hand column, then it's been copied into your phone in the right place.

    You should now be able to go into your phone (menu532) and your new ringtone will be at the top of the list. Press "set as" and select "1" for ringtone.

    Now, when you go into BitPim and select the "ringers" folder, your ringtone will show up.
    Ok followed to the letter,,,even tried throwing it thru the first colum and having the file convert itself...deleted it (because ya it didnt show up on the phone) and went to the bitpim folder and dragged and dropped it the file(s) straight into the "brew...mod 10889" file and it showed up in bitpim but again not on the phone.(figured try the converted file)
    I am useing Audacity to trim my mp3 to 20 seconds.
    This phone is a telus LG keybo 2 P.O.S. I've already have had to return it because it got bumped and my screens started to do the "peek-a-boo" routine they put a new screen(s) on it but tried to add a memory card (4 gig) it will format etc but wont store anything on it.
    I'm not too sure if the files I am using are correct...I believe the approach is proper...if the phone is a "lemon" perhaps I should take it back?
    Is it just mp3's that can be used as ringtones?

    ---------- Post added at 06:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:13 PM ----------

    [email protected] anyone can directly help me with seems I've been without the phone more than been with it anyway
  • 10-18-2010, 01:43 PM
    [email protected]
    Wow I have got the ringtones to show up on my phone but now when I try to set them it says Non-DRM protected file< but I can still play them!!!
  • 08-14-2010, 07:59 PM
    No problem!
    If you figure out a way to get an app to work (like some other web browser or music player), let me know. I'm not getting far with it.
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