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Topic Review (Newest First)

  • 06-20-2012, 01:28 PM
    ASURION IS A RIP-OFF. Stay away as much as you can. Unless you are very "clumsy" with your phones, other wise get off from this insurance plan after 6 months or so. For the first time I presented a claim for a Samsung Galaxy (about two year model) and the want to collect $100.00 for an old model. Customer Reps (some with attitude) lacks of understanding individual cases; all of them relies on the info provided on their computer screen and not even contacting a supervisor is helpful at all, because they will give you the same info as any other Cust Rep. After paying over 10 months of insurance on a 20 month old model. they claim to replace it for same model NOT EVEN GUARANTEED TO BE NEW so it could be refurbished and NO BATT INCLUDED!. Also, you HAVE to return the old phone or you'll be charge full retail price as it just came out to the market!!! That's how big corporations makes money!!! ASURION IS A RIP-OFF!!!
  • 02-18-2012, 01:17 AM
    Mobile insurance are to buy insurance from your airtime supplier or to go to an outside insurance source.But you should be aware of the new fake insurance companies calling trying to sell mobile insurance.
  • 02-15-2012, 11:13 PM
    There is never any need for Phone insurance. I just keep getting the free ones!
  • 01-20-2012, 05:03 AM
    I agree that the "insurance" is a rip off. I also understand the definition. However, lets stick to cell phone insurance for a moment. Lets say your premium is $5.00 a month and you dont "Need" it for the whole year. There should be some kind of reward or system setup that discounts your deductible in the event you do need it. WE pay into these insurance plans and when it is time to use it, you pay a deductible and if you want it on a saturday, you pay more. This is where I agree with Gary. If you put that same money in a jar, you very well may be able to just buy a new one. I am talking about cell phones right now, but some people pay a whole lot more for medical insurance and only need it for minor things, and pay a co-payment. So multiply that by a million (for example) Uhhh. Yeah. Something doesnt sound right to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by garyboutilier View Post
    Hey bud, just wondering if you've ever had any insurance of any kind before? You pay the premium every month and if something happens, you pay the deductable. Would it be that difficult for you to take your old phone that you won't use any more and place it into the postage paid, already addressed envelope and drop it in the mail. Not difficult instructions...for most people. LOL Its really not out fault that you decided to drop your $300 ,or whatever you paid for it, phone in the toilet, or whatever happened to it, but we are there to send you a replacement phone for $50 plus a new battery and a new home charger. That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Build a bridge buddy, and get over it. If you don't like the insurance, don't have it. But have fun paying full price for your next phone next time your dog chews it up, plus the cost of the battery.
  • 01-09-2012, 08:41 AM
    Dial-in service - the absolute worst. Try getting out of there endless loop
    customer service - good luck
    as for the prices and this guys comments - there are plenty of phones out there that dont require having to buy full retail anymore. However, i would pay double-full retail before i spend one more penny on any of my accounts / phones that i have with asurion / verizon.

    Recommendation - dont get this insurance !!!!!!!!
  • 01-02-2012, 12:37 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by lindaduidui View Post
    just be careful and take care of it by yourself.
    Good Advice. I documented everything that transpired with Asurion, from faulty replacement devices to stunningly poor customer service, and sent my documentation along with a narrative of events to my state's attorney general's office. The end result is that the attorney general's consumer rights division took notice and Asurion ended up sending me a check for a full refund for not only the cost I paid for the original device in-store at Verizon but the deductibles for both the netbook and the phone that I had to have replaced back in September due to theft. I realized that after eight weeks of getting absolutely nowhere with Asurion that I would provide the information to the state's attorney general. Honestly, I decided after turning the information over to that state government office that the outcome would be in their hands. So, I handed everything over to them in November and five weeks later they determined that Asurion had not fulfilled their obligation and as a result I got all of my money back. I would suggest to anybody who has a legitmate complaint with a replacement device sent out by Asurion and, additionally, feel their grievances are not properly being dealt with by Asurion representatives that you eventually stop trying to get a satisfactory result from Asurion and turn it over to your state attorney general's office for investigation. It seems that it really is the only way it will be dealt with properly. Very sad that one must get an attorney general's office involved but unfortunately companies that have monopolies, like Asurion in that it is the one big international wireless insurance provider that contracts with the big wireless providers, have a great deal of power so if their business model includes such flagrant disregard for it's customers then at this time the only real outlet for the individual is to seek assistance from a government agency that does have some level of oversight.
  • 09-16-2011, 02:09 AM
    So I've been reading, reading, and reading ... and aside from a few common sense, practical, and educated individuals what I see is a bunch of complaining from people who
    - didn't read their Terms
    - have no idea what Insurance is in the first place
    - want something for nothing

    Insurance is program that works on laws of the masses. You have a large number of people who subscribe to the program IN CASE something happens in the future. The hope is that you will not have to use it. The premium you pay every month allows you to be in the program. If an event occurs that you must pay a deductible the same as you would for auto insurance, home insurance, tenants insurance, or anything else.

    The deductible is the PORTION of the value - the insurance company pays the remainder and replaces the equipment.

    Just as you do with everything - you need to decide on the value of the program to you. If you use a basic 69.00 phone are don't travel, haven't lost anything in years, etc. - it may not be worth it. If you own an expensive device - are tied into a contract, and risk losing or breaking your device - you'd best think about insurance. If something happens to your phone and your contract is not up - you can't get a new promotional offer - you're paying full retail to replace your phone, sometimes several hundred dollars.

    Just as a car loses value the moment you drive it off the lot - your phone loses value the moment it leaves the store. Phones also have a very short life-span - they are discontinued every few months and replaced with a new model. Insurance does NOT upgrade you - you are covered based on the phone you insured. Just as you can't file a claim on your 2009 Ford Truck and get a new 2011 ... you can't file a claim on your discontinued model and get the new version.

    If - for whatever reason your model is not available - it will be replaced with a model determined between the Carrier and the Insurance Company as having comparable features and functions to your orginally purchased device (and yes, sometimes depreciation/age is also considered). While the best will be done to replace your device, since it's what you bought - that is not always possible.

    And yes - Right of Salvage belongs to the Insurance Comany in every material claim. The moment a claim is filed - the claimed material becomes the property of the Insurance Company, since they are now covering that equipment for you. If you can return damanged equipment - great - they can salvage at their will. If you can't - you may be required to provide doumentation, Proof of Purchase, Police Report, Id - to prove that you in fact owned the device - and as your legal statement that a covered loss has occurred.

    All Insurance Replacements come with a 12 month warranty agains Mechanical or Electiral Defect - just as if you bought it brand new. When it arrives to you - you have 7 days in which to notify the insurance comapny if there is something wrong with the phone. If not, you have accepted it in good condition - so later physical damage is not the fault of the Insurance Company

    Your carrier sells you this service as an additional benefit to your plan. It is your responsibility as the consumer to educate yourself about what you are buying.

    And by the way - 2 more points of interest:

    Falsifying information is FRAUD - if caught - they can and will charge you.

    Insurance is for IN CASE something happens - not when something happens. Don't break your phone and then add Insurance - the carrier may let you - they don't know the difference, they're not Insurance, they're Retail. The Insurance company won't cover it. You can't have an accident then call the Insurance Company to put Insurance on your car ... and you can't lose or break your phone and then add insurance - doesn't work that way.

    Learn about it - then quit your bull.
  • 09-10-2011, 08:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Batya View Post
    I have had to use Asurion a few times with my son. He bought the G1 and then the G2, and he cracked the screen on both. We had absolutely no problems with Asurion. We filled out a claim online and a new phone was at our house literally the next day. Yes, I had to pay $130 deductible, but this IS a $400 phone. The deductible is based on how much the phone is worth, so $130 is the highest one they have. They send everything you need, postage paid, to send the old phone back.
    I agree with Batya,
    I lost my $500+ phone, had a replacement next day after $100 deductible, Thanks to Asurion!!!
    See my experience here >>>My experience with Asurion
    Highly recommend to all smartphone users.
  • 09-06-2011, 03:13 PM
  • 08-24-2011, 01:37 PM
    Asurion cell phone insurance is a total rip off. It's fine if they send you a replacement cell that works. I have received 2 replacement phones over the past 45 days both of them faulty after 2 - 3 weeks. I broke down and upgraded to a new cell phone with Verizon Wireless. They suggested that I call Asurion and explain the issue to get my $50.00 deductible returned. I called and of course I am outside the 7 day cash return policy. I called them back and because I cannot repeat the same issue (keys repeating and going off when texting) I was having with my latest cell phone they will not replace it. I canceled my Asurion cell phone insurance on 3 cell phones today. When reflecting on it, it really doesn't save us any money. The insurance has gone up to 6.99 a month. You may pay that for 12 months 7.00 x 12 = 84.00 plus a $50.00 deductible = 134.00. You can get a basic cell phone for that. Customer service sucked and the tecnical support folks just parrot scripts. It is very hard to talk with people that are not empowered to use their brains and make decisions based on the circumstances. I have no desire to deal with those folks again

    ---------- Post added at 07:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:29 PM ----------

    I will try a different option for cell phone insurance. Asurion and their poor customer service and unfriendly terms and warranties has really turned me off.
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