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  • 08-28-2013, 07:44 AM
    Wiping the Cache Partition:

    In case you have issues with your device, such as slow booting, freezing, crashing etc. then you can try to clear the cache partition in order to solve these issues. To do so:

    1. Power off your device
    2. Press and hold the "Volume down" and "Power" buttons for 2-3 seconds (until the "Boot options" screen pops-up)
    3. Once the "Boot options" screen appears, release the buttons
    4. Use the "Volume down" button to navigate and highlight "Recovery"
    5. With "Recovery" highlighted, press the "Volume up" button to select the option
    6. You device will now show the "Motorola" logo followed by the "Android recovery" screen
    7. In the "Android recovery" screen, press and hold the "Volume up" key for 10-15 seconds
    8. Quickly tap and release the "Power" button
    9. The "Android recovery" screen will pop-up again
    10. Using the "Volume down" button, scroll down and highlight "wipe cache partition"
    11. Use the "Power" button to select the highlighted option
    12. Your device should now restart

    Performing a Master Reset Using the Software:

    WARNING! Unlike wiping the cache partition, master resetting your device will result in loss of personal data that is stored on the handset's internal storage. This includes downloaded content, personal photos / videos, apps, contacts, ringtones and more. NOTE: content that is stored on the SIM card will not be deleted.

    1. Make sure you back up your data, if necessary. (Click this link to learn how to back up and restore)
    2. While viewing the home screen, tap the "Menu" key
    3. Select "Settings"
    4. Go to "Backup & reset"
    5. Select "Factory Data reset" and tap "Reset phone"

    Master Resetting Using Hardware Keys:

    WARNING! Once again, master resetting using hardware keys will result in loss of personal data and will return your device to factory settings. To master reset your device using hardware keys:

    1. Make sure that you have backed up your data
    2. Power off your phone
    3. Press and hold the "Volume down" and "Power" buttons for 2-3 seconds. The "Boot options" screen should appear
    4. Release the "Volume down" and "Power" keys
    5. Using the "Volume down" button, scroll to and highlight "Recovery"
    6. Press the "Volume up" button to select "Recovery"
    7. After the "Motorola" logo appears, wait for the "Android recovery" screen
    8. In the "Android recovery" menu, press and hold the "Volume up" button for about 10-15 seconds
    9. Tap the "Power" button and wait for the "Android recovery" screen to appear again
    10. Scroll down by tapping the "Volume down" button, and highlight "Wipe data / factory reset"
    11. Press the "Power" button to select the highlighted option
    12. The resetting process should commence. After it completes, press the "Power" button to reboot your device

    Booting in Safe Mode:

    In safe mode, all third-part applications are disabled. Turning your device on in safe mode will allow you to uninstall third party apps that may prevent your device to boot up normally. To boot in safe mode:

    1. With the device turned on, press the "Power" button
    2. Tap and hold "Power off"
    3. Once the "Reboot to safe mode" message appears on screen, tap "OK"
    4. After the reboot, you can identify whether or not your device runs in safe mode by looking at the bottom left corner, where "Safe mode" should appear

    Tip: To disable safe mode, turn off your device and turn it back on as you normally would.

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