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    I have got i730 my girl has i95 i'm using iden webjal I can't get the i95 to do anything when i plug the USB cable in on i730 my computer (XP) goes ding dong but when i do the same with the USB cable for i95 it does nothing. is there a USB driver I need or somthing?????

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    nope same drivers and programs. The i95 has a horrible problem with the bottom charger/data port. It fails on reads about 10% of the time. I suggest going to radio shack and picking up a contact cleaner pen (Catalog #: 64-4341). They will have no idea what you want so bring the part number. It looks like a magic marker.

    Clean the hell out of it and plug the data cable in while it is still wet. Should do the trick. Most service centers use something similar to it.

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