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    with the current news of sprint merging with nextel to form Sprint / Nextel, i have decided to maybe switch over from my Sprint service with Nextel on the basis that if i do i won't have to pay a cancellation fee. i'm really forward to getting a nextel as many of my friends own Nextel's and the push-to-talk feature will come in real handy as my friends use it all the time. so basically i have a few questions.

    1) Would i have to pay some type of cancellation fee if i were to switch to a Nextel-based push-to-talk phone since it is run off a different technology than CDMA sprint phones?

    2) Would i end up with a different phone number?

    3) Any information or rumors on the new Motorola phone that will incorporate both CDMA and iDEN technologies?

    i'm really liking the newest Motorola phone (i believe its the i860).

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    since the merge is not 100% approved yet, they are still operating as two separate companies, so if you try to switch from sprint to nextel they may give you problems but you would have to call them. the phones that will work on both sprint and nextel networks are not due to be released until mid to late 2005. You will definitelly be able to keep your number. If I were you I would call sprint and check they policy with switching to nextel right now but otherwise I would wait it out until everything has been approved by the FCC and all of the stockholders.

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