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    ALL over MI Kzoo mostly
    I currently have a i305 I know crack a joke at me now...

    Well I wanna upgrade I got it at a time I was always in the worst of weather...

    I was looking at the i930 but a lot good and bad has been said and I want to upgrade soon as well....

    my QUESTION is what should I do??

    I am not looking for unthought advice from novice people, I need good current advice ANYONE can help me but please be on topic and current

    O D I E

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    If you want to upgrade soon don't look at the i 930 nobody that I know of has a clue when that phone is coming out. The i 730 is a good solid phone. If you need a camera the i 860's not bad. The i 530 is great if you need a phone that can be banged around a little.

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