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    I dropped my 160c phone in to the toilet Sunday, it was in about 10 secs. I let it dry out, and it actually worked yesterday morning for an hour or 2, and then it started ringing by itself, so I took the battery out.

    Now I can't get the keypad to work at all. I have taken the phone apart and it looks normal, no corrosion that I can see. I can't enter my sim code, but it can power up, no problem. I can put in another sim card that doesn't need a code, and call the phone, it receives the call, but cannot press the button to activate the call.

    I have read that the techs clean the contacts with a brush and alcohol, I have done this with a pencil eraser. If I scrub lightly with alcohol, what would I brush since it's only the keypad??

    Any help would be appreciated, as I am using my old i50sx for the meantime.

    Thank you,


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    Try this, get sand paper and just pass the sand paper about 5 times lightly do not over do it.

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    that would work, but I used the tip of a pointed tweezer, and scraped. They were clean anyway. Does anyone know where the connection for the keypad is?

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    if you dont get the keypad to work and you end up needing a new keypad board let me know i havea few laying around..

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