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    Just recently purchased a new i860 via NexTel Tele Sales. When I power on the phone for the day it takes awhile to boot up and logon to the network. Then as I go to use my Contacts it sez wait reading SIM and it stalls for awhile on that section. Called support and they told me to take it to a Auth. Service center.
    They have to send it back to NexTel and they will replace the phone. But it will take a week?? And will the replacement be NEW or REFURBED crap? This makes me unhappy as heck. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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    goto another auth service center they should swap the phone out with a referb on the spot.referb is as good as new you cant tell the diff

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    call nextel and request a door to door service and they will get yu a new fone nd pick up ur old 1

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    Before you decide

    Door to Door service takes 2 days but there is a $50 fee if you don't have the service and repair insurance for $2.99- if you go to the service center and they swap out for a referbished unit it is covered at that dealers office for 90 days- and if you get the $2.99 insurance you don't even have to pay the $35 swap out fee. Hope this helps- if you have any other questions about your nextel I would in the Tech dept- for Nextel

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    good post...unfortunately there have been many little problems with getting i860s back within the 6 day turn around time...our ASC currently runs about 9-10 days on quick swaps for i860s because our seed-stock has been depleted. Any other phone we can just swap out instantly. the other option for you is to just contact motorola yourself, you would pay the $35 fee but you would pay your own shipping. you can setup up your own request by calling moto iden support. I won't post the number here but you can get it from CS.

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    Best way to get you phone fixed for free is if it is less then 30 days old and less then 400 minutes on it. Then call Nextel and use the S.T.E.P. program. It replaces the phone for free and they ship out a Brand New in box phone over night. You have to be animate about the fact that you want a brand new one. If someone want's to challenge this then you can explain to me what I got in the mail today. If you are over on your minutes but still in your 30 days then the minutes can be fixed, which myself and some others can do. The statement that you can not tell the difference between a new and a refurb is I'm sorry but crap. My other 860 I had all kinds of technical problems with it. It was 2 months old so out of warrenty, Nextel ordered me a refurb for the 35.00, when I went it to get it it was just a ***ed up as mine. They ordered another, it came working but all scratched up. Make a long story short they ordered a toltal of 23 refurb 860's and none of them came in satisfactory. Nextel ended up giving me my 35.00 back and gave me a brand new phone. No Charge. If you have to go the refurb route make sure it is not scratched etc. and if i is keep refusing it until u get one that is satisfactory or they give you a new one. Refurbs are sh*t for the most part regauedless of what nextel says. Why would I want someone elses broken phone that they have tried to fix? I didn't pay 300.00 for a used phone.

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