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    Which service is better?

    See More: Nextel or Verizon

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsox18x89
    Which service is better?
    Depends on which works the best where you live & work, or where you'll be using it the most. In my own experiences, Nextel's signal is much better then Verizon's at my house & work areas. Also, most of my friends have Nextel. Things like these are what you need to look for. Of course, your milage may vary.....

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    Sometimes there are tradeoffs in picking the best provider for each person.
    Coverage do you have it at home, work, other places.
    Who do you make or recieve calls with Verizon, Nextel, Some other provider.
    How many minutes do you need. Nextel offers a higher price per minute, but if most of your friends are on Nextel and offer the better coverage then Nextel could be the better choice.

    Reason why I am with Verizon, not because they have the largest network. It is I need coverage in Logan, UT and my hometown in Iowa. There is no PCS in there so T-Mobile is out no GSM so Cingular is out. US Cellular has no network in Utah so they are out. Verizon gives me as many minutes free roam there I wish so they are the best for me.
    The best provider gives you a plan with the minutes you need at the right price. The coverage that you need to make calls all the time.

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    I like them both. I have a verizon and nextel they both work prettygood.

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    in new york.. its verizon where are yu located

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