OK everyone, i have a problem installing webJAL. i have followed this website, and tryed it a few times http://www.harrythompson.com/webjal.htm i have seen abunch of ppl posting that site so i figured i would try it. well now to the problem, everything went fine until the patcher, i got the error, so i continued to page2 for the work around. well there i added the line to my hosts file, restarted and went to the website it says there to make sure it all worked. well i didnt see what i was supposed to, but i didnt see what he said would have been bad. what i saw there was a forbidden message saying i was not authorized to view that webpage.

If anyone of you guys have had this problem and know how to fix it please let me know...i have tryed to do this a few times all with no luck.


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