I've called Nextel's <sarcasm>wonderful</sarcasm> customer and tech support departments a couple times. I have the i860 with Unlimited Text and NDC and NOL Full Service and all that fun stuff. When I first got the phone, when I received text messages, they came through my phone's inbox and said "New Message Received - ..Contact Name.." (of course depending on who it came from). If I went to the Text Messaging option in Nextel Web, it said "Text Messaging is now easier than ever! Go to your phone's messaging inbox" or something like that. I had to get a new phone because I had problems with the first one not even a week after I got it. When they did the switch for a brand new phone (with no service change), I started receiving text messages as Net Alerts. It takes forever to get the message (if they ever come through) and when they do, it only displays the person's phone number rather than the name stored in my Address Book. Nextel said it was a provisioning problem, but they never did anything to fix the problem. A few other people I know have the exact same phone, and none of them have messages coming through as Net Alerts. Is there any way of getting this back to the way it was/should be? Thank you.

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